Caroline Moore

About Caroline Moore

I have lived and worked in Buckinghamshire for many years, but regularly commute to Edinburgh where I am studying classical drawing and painting at Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art. Atelier-teaching is based on the rigorous traditions of the 19th Century European Art Academies - with an emphasis on accurate drawing and realism, studio-based cast-drawing as well as figurative work from life.
I mostly paint in oil using traditional methods to support my studies - and each one of my paintings is a learning experience! I love using long-established and traditional techniques to present contemporary themes; as well as exploring looser styles and different media too. 
The subjects I choose to paint are often closely connected with my home, family or friends. Though ‘realistic’, my paintings are not purely representational and are usually composed to suggest a particular theme or an element of humour. 

I am continuing to learn so much from creating each one of my paintings. I do hope you enjoy them.