Asya Dudko

About Asya Dudko

Asya was born in Russia. Her lifetime interest has always been art and design. In 2003 she was awarded a diploma in Interior Design from the Institute of Architecture, Moscow. In 2012, she completed her studies at Staffordshire University and was awarded a First Class Honours degree in Interior Design. Her main interests are figurative sculptures and relief paintings. She has taken part in exhibitions in the UK and in Russia and her work is in private collections across Russia and the UK.

“My art is the way I communicate with the world. My figurative sculptures and relief paintings reveal my thoughts, emotions and ideas that I want to share with others.
Life is full of mystery, beauty and, sometimes, struggle. This is what I am fascinated with and want to try to represent in my work. For me, the underlying subject always matters. Every piece has a certain concept and hidden story. However, its interpretation is always subjective.
When creating a piece of work the narrative part is essential, although the visual form holds the key to revealing the idea. I pay attention to every detail – be it shape, colour or the antique or vintage items which I sometimes incorporate into my pieces.
All my figures are made from air drying ‘paperclay’ which is sculpted over the wire structure support and are finished with oil paints, acrylics, watercolour and pastels. Relief paintings are completed on a stretched canvas or board and are also shaped with ‘paperclay’. All my pieces are original and one of a kind.”