Belltrees Forge

About Belltrees Forge

Belltrees Forge was established in 1998 when Jonathan Eadie returned from Hereford Technical College after studying blacksmithing. Travelling on his motorcycle, armed with a rucksack of candlesticks, he started visiting local craft shops, showing them the candlesticks that he had made on his makeshift BBQ forge which was set-up in the corner of a barn on a nearby farm on Belltrees Road. With the support of local shops and the help of his girlfriend, Amanda, in the admin side of the business, Belltrees Forge was born.
22 years later, some things may have changed but the principle of traditionally hand-forging the candlesticks using a coal fire, hammer and anvil hasn't changed at all. Today everything is still hand-forged using the age-old blacksmithing skills that Jonathan learnt in Hereford.  He has a small team of blacksmiths to whom he is now teaching these age-old skills.
Today, his work has broadened to include a wide range of products including lighting (table lamps, standard lamps and ceiling lights), furniture (console tables and coffee tables), candle lighting, including hanging candelabra, and our range of companion sets, log rings and log stacks as well as individual pokers.
The business is still managed by Amanda (now Jonathan's wife and mum of their children Flo and Eddie) whilst Jonathan still manages the making side of the business.