Carolyn Genders

About Carolyn Genders

Carolyn Genders has worked professionally as an artist since 1980. She works mainly in ceramics but also in printmaking and painting. Through her natural talent, combined with her relish for hard work, she has honed her pieces into the sophisticated, vibrant and modern work she has become known for. The simple coiled and slab built forms, which sit quietly within their environment, are a perfect canvas for her abstract, expressionistic mark-making.

Carolyn begins her work with copious drawings done both outdoors and in her studio. These are the starting point for both her ceramics and her printmaking. During the process, ideas of shape, colour and pattern begin to form and settle within her imagination. These literal sketches create feelings and ideas which are then taken into her studio to be transferred into form and surface without reference to those original drawings. This process gives the work a remote, mystical quality that isn’t tied to any one emotion, thought or impetus. Her work is the embodiment of the connection between an artist and their materials and is created from her relationship to her creative imagination. She has had her work in solo exhibitions throughout the UK as well as in The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Croatia and Japan.


Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

British Academy Art Collection, London

Museum of Modern Ceramic Art Gifu, Japan

Varazdin Museum, Croatia

Brighton & Hove Museum, Craft Collection, Sussex

Adolf Egner Collection, Cologne Museum

Robert Pinchin Collection, Leeds Museum

Fine Art Society, Glasgow

Gladstone Museum, Stoke on Trent



1994 South East Arts

2001 Craft Pottery Charitable Trust

2001 South East Arts

Major Award Arts Council, UK

Selected Maker Award – Silver – Craft & Design Magazine


Fellow of the Craft Potters Association

Member of Contemporary Applied Arts