Claire Howlett

About Claire Howlett

My inspiration is derived from the landscape, the beauty of the natural world. Some of my favourite places include Cornwall, The Lakes and Pembrokeshire. I feel the elements; whether it be those almost transcendental, ethereal summer days or the fury of a storm at midnight. I am captivated by light, cloud formations, and the indefinable core essence of nature that resonates and connects us all to it; the mysterious rhythms that are both elemental and binding my work explores this.

 I use acrylic and oil paint and mediums, on board, canvas or panel. My aim is to try to lose the representational and allow the essence of the inspiration to come through into the piece of work. I hope this creates paintings that resonate and connect with a quiet impact.

After training as a fine art restorer with a small studio in Berkshire, post leaving Oxford Brookes, I went on to work with horses in the film and television industry for many years, before returning to painting relatively recently. I have taken part in courses in Newlyn and the famous Porthmeor studios in St. Ives, the RWA, Marbella and Berkshire. I now paint on a daily basis here in Oxfordshire.

My work hangs in both corporate and private collections.