Helaina Sharpley

About Helaina Sharpley

Helaina Sharpley is a designer/maker, based in West Yorkshire, creating 2D and 3D wirework. Helaina is three times winner of ‘The Wow Factor’ at The British Craft Trade Fair.

Using old sepia photographs and etchings, Helaina first started creating pen and ink drawings, capturing the detailing and the aspects of elegance from the Edwardian era.  Helaina started her journey studying a BA in Design Crafts at Hereford College of Art and Design. Illustrations turned into wire works after a college lecturer placed some wire into her hands because he wanted Helaina to make something in 3D – but, in her own way, she kept drawing. The technique then translated into small and large-scale wire drawings, crossing the boundaries between drawing and sculpture. Tea became an obsession at college and, as she particularly loved the elegance of Edwardian architecture, it was here where her love of tea and the Edwardian way of life connected and these two strands have become main features in her work.

She continues to be inspired by tradition, old fashion values and having afternoon tea in beautiful surroundings…

Helaina now creates 2d and 3d wirework pieces for galleries, shops and personal commission, in the UK and internationally.

David Hockney owns two pieces of work from Helaina’s collection.