Katriina Seppala

About Katriina Seppala

I have worked with metal for over twenty years and have focused on the creation of serving items. My work is a combination of traditional craftsmanship methods and the usage of new technology, within the medium of metal.

At the beginning of my career I started out by shaping my cutlery designs with an angle grinder and a sander. This was very hard work! Today I enjoy the help of newer technology and the assistance of laser-cutting companies to shape the patterns. The collaboration has opened me up to a new way of designing and creating the pieces which I can´t do by hand.

All the finishing work, grinding, polishing and engraving, I perform in my studio.
A simple wooden block acts as a multifunctional tool in my workshop. I form the cutlery and sink serving bowls with it like craftsmen have done for hundreds of years.