Linda Lewin

There are currently no pieces available to purchase from this artist. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

About Linda Lewin

The black wire horses are an attempt to bring together disparate parts of my life which are my love of horses and riding, with my love of drawing and my craft skills. I have never been completely satisfied with my attempts to draw horses on paper but as soon as I realised I could draw horses in the air with wire and make the drawings into three dimensional objects which can be held and looked at from every angle, I felt at ease. The vast number of crude sketches in notebooks which have been thrown away no longer feel like a waste of time but they have served a purpose after all.

The black wire and small amounts of supporting metal are a wonderful medium in which to describe horses. I compress the wire into a not quite solid mass which allows room for the eye to move between the lines and spaces of the mesh. In the play between line and space we can find the strength, movement, and grace which I see in horses every day. My wire horses can be looked at from any angle so they create their own perspective and I no longer have to deceive the viewer that two dimensions on paper are equal to three dimensions in life.

I will continue to play with wire and with horses. I look forward to making larger, stronger and livelier pieces. This is only the beginning…