Pirjo Keene

About Pirjo Keene


My distinctive style of photography has been strongly influenced by my long association with various creative arts, through studies in textiles and design and my Scandinavian appreciation of simplicity and order.

Inspired by quirky details of everyday life and nature, I create both highly stylised graphic-style images and rich, layered and often abstracted studies of natural forms.

The experimental quality of my work comes from being able to capture what the eye cannot see – frozen in blurred motion, selective focus, distortions caused by various lenses, and from using alternative printing and transferring methods as well as the conventional photographic medium.

My latest adventure involves hunting for quirky architectural features in order to create 3D photographic wooden house collages. These are created by using my photographic images that are then printed onto acid free tissue paper and pasted to on gesso-prepared wooden blocks. These are then given several protective layers. As with watercolours, it’s advisable to keep them out of direct sunlight and in non humid conditions.

I am an Associate member of The Royal Photographic Society and have had my work accepted into various international exhibitions including the London Salon of Photography, the Royal Photographic Society and the Mall Galleries Discerning Eye.